The Starry Night

Van Gogh’s night sky is a field of roiling energy. Below the exploding stars, the village is a place of quiet order. Connecting earth and sky is the flame like cypress, a tree traditionally associated with graveyards and mourning. But death was not ominous for Van Gogh. “Looking at the stars always makes me dream,” he said, “Why, I ask myself, shouldn’t the shining dots of the sky be as accessible as the black dots on the map of France? Just as we take the train to get to Tarascon or Rouen, we take death to reach a star.” The artist wrote of his experience to his brother Theo: “This morning I saw the country from my window a long time before sunrise, with nothing but the morning star, which looked very big.” This morning star, or Venus, may be the large white star just left of center in The Starry Night. The hamlet, on the other hand, is invented, and the church spire evokes van Gogh’s native land, the Netherlands. The painting, like its daytime companion, The Olive Trees, is rooted in imagination and memory. Leaving behind the Impressionist doctrine of truth to nature in favor of restless feeling and intense color, as in this highly charged picture, Van Gogh made his work a touchstone for all subsequent Expressionist painting.

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TST put different size as well as different glass chips or mother of pearl chips together  then made it as Van Gogh’s painting—starry night. After going through high temperature, the colors will never fade away. The mosaic mural is made of crystal glass tile and it is glossy finish, so it is easy for cleaning. In other words, if your painting get dusty, you do not need to worry about how to clean it, you can just clean it as normal. 

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