The question about how to cut the mosaic tiles or remove them has become common, possibly because of the unique nature of mosaic tiles themselves. Of course, mosaic tiles are different from the contemporary flat ceramic tiles used in most homes and offices due to their small sizes and their special make-up. Mosaic tiles are laid on a fabric-like material which holds each one of them in place.

Of all mosaic tiles out there, TST mosaic tiles stand out. The tiles are varied both in materials as well as in their designs. TST offers mosaic puzzles which are customizable based on builders' and individuals' requests. So, when it comes to issues regarding metallic, porcelain, pearl, glass, or wooden mosaic tiles with a guarantee for quality and variety, TST leads while others follow.

Now, if you have ordered TST mosaic tiles and for whatever reason are wondering how to remove the mosaic tiles or how to cut it, we bid you to relax and read on as we take you through the simple steps here.

To cut the mosaic tile, you need a board tile cutter that has a carbide blade. You can get this in any of your local tiles equipment stores. This board has a wheel that allows you to cut the mosaic tile with ease. If you are a professional builder, you should consider buying one, but if you want to perform a one-time mosaic tile cutting, it is better you borrow it. Once you have this board, you should get a utility knife by your side too and then follow the simple steps outlined below:

  1. Set the sheet of the mosaic tiles you want to cut on your board tile cutter. The back should rest on the board.
  2. Make sure that the portion of the mosaic tiles you want to cut off aligns with the carbide blade at the base of the wheel.
  3. Before you begin the cutting, hold the mosaic tile sheet in place with your other hand so that it doesn't move with the wheel during the cutting process.
  4. Cut the tiles by moving up the wheel.
  5. The number 4 process above only makes a mark (a slightly deep cut) along a straight line. Using the same wheel, apply pressures along those lines to complete the cutting process.
  6. To remove the mosaic tile, flip the mosaic sheet over to the other side and use your utility knife to cut the back of the material. You should be careful while doing this, so you don't injure yourself.
  7. This way, you have successfully cut and removed the mosaic tile. If there are rough edges on the tiles you have just cut, you can trim them using the smooth sides of the cutting board.


There are various suggestions out there on how best to cut the mosaic tile, but the simple steps above if followed will deliver an excellent and well-cut mosaic tile for your use.

TST Mosaic Tiles is always after your comfort and ease. We do hope you love this information and found it extremely useful.