Tiling is an important aspect of improving the appearance of your home. Mosaic tiles can be used to decorate the walls of your home making it look beautiful. There are many types of mosaic tiles available in the market today. TST mosaic tiles are the best tiles in the market today. They come in different colors, sizes, and styles. They can be used to make different patterns spicing up your living room. However, mosaic tiles can be cracked by house furniture and other items in the living room. Chipped tiles can be a menace to the home. They cause the wall to look rugged. They can also cause harm and injury to the people living in the home. However, it is easy to replace the tiles by yourself. Below are the steps that you will take in order to successfully replace mosaic ties in your home.

Assemble all the tools that you will need for the job. You will require a trimming knife, a grout rake, a sponge, a water bucket, masking tape,

dustpan and brush, tile spacers, replacement mosaic tiles, matching grout and tile adhesive. It is important for you to wear protective goggles or any other safety glasses to protect your eyes from tile chips. Also, get a pair of gloves to protect your hand from broken tiles.

Removing the broken mosaic tiles

The broken tile needs to be removed before replacing it with a new one. Clear the area surrounding the tile to be replaced. Remove dirt and put the dust sheet down. Remove the grout holding the tile to be replaced. Cover the tiles adjacent to the one which will be replaced with masking tape. Make sure that you put a double layer of the masking tape to protect the tiles from scratching and also damage from the gout rake. Start making cuts into the grout. Remove the grout between the tiles using a grout rake. Take a hammer and cold chisel and begin widening the crack in the tile. Lift up the sections of the broken mosaic tile and remove them from the wall.

Installing the new mosaic tiles

Remove the old substrate below the broken tile using a chisel. Lay down the new substrate on the wall. Lay down the new tiles on the wall. Determine whether the new mosaic tiles follow the pattern of the adjacent tiles that were installed earlier. Remove the new tile and add a small amount of mortar over the substrate in furrows. Lay the mosaic tile in place and press it firmly to the wall until it comes to the level of the surrounding tiles. The new tiles should be allowed to dry for at least one day before you begin grouting. Add grout to the new tiles to cover in the spaces between the ties and wait for it to dry. Hardening can take up to fifteen minutes. Clean off excess grout using a damp sponge.

Leave the grout to cure completely before normal use. This can take between two to three weeks. Replacing your broken mosaic tiles can be carried out easily in the home using the procedure above. Order your new and replacement TNT mosaic tiles at www.tstmosaictiles.com and style your living room today