Mosaic tiles features include small size,antiskid,abrasion resistant,colorful,It has been widely used in bathroom and kitchen renovation. but how to maintain and clean ? Now subtract your cleaning and maintenance troubles.

maintenance after mosaic tiles decoration

1. should be cleaned after paving tiles
When the adhesive layer and tick off seam mortar condenses, you can begin to clean the surface of the mosaic. Cleaning need two buckets,one is cleanner,another is water, first put the wet cloth in the bucket of cleanner,no need to wring,then wipe with circular manner: Then put the wet sponge in the second bucket,using the sponge wipe mosaic surface, wipe off any residue. Finally, wipe the surface again with a sponge until clean.

2. after paving tiles to check details
Until all mosaic tiles paving finished, the adhesive layer and tick off seam mortar condenses is completed,check again! clean out the floating sand left in the yard seam by using a soft brush,When the adhesive layer and tick off seam mortar condenses,you can clean the last one.

3.after the paving tiles should be ventilated
After the completion of the mosaic tiles paving, pay attention to the protection of the finished product, may be suitably air-dried.surface layer should avoid sun exposure, indoor ventilation should be appropriately maintained until about 24 hours after the hand over, generally post a mosaic paving conservation should be not less than 7 days.

the mosaic tiles of daily cleaning and maintenance

1.daily cleaning mosaic
(1) water cotton cloth

Can be wiped clean with water and a good absorbent cloth. Because the surface of the mosaic of relatively flat, not easy to filth, so when cleaning is also very convenient. In addition, you can use to wipe neutral brightening agents, which helps keep the surface shiny mosaic.

(2) scrub cleaners

If the floor and on the ground there is no drainage system, and acquire a vacuum cleaner again, and then add water with detergent, wring the cloth wipes, basically almost the same. If the shower room floor, there is a daily direct jet bath after that, there is going to use soap trace function.

2. mosaic tiles routine maintenance
Mosaic on the wall and floor routine maintenance points to note, first, the need to prevent heavy impact; Second, if there is a mosaic off, deletion, need to use the same variety of mosaic stick up; Third, pay attention to timely cleaning daily, usually readily Seiichi clear, must be cleaned once a week.