(That Doesn’t Look Like It Belongs in a Nightclub)

You’ve been in a white, spa-like bathroom time and time again. Don’t get us wrong: It’s lovely. But it’s not your only option for a bathroom that feels like a luxury getaway.

  The black bathroom is a dramatic dive into slightly masculine, yet decidedly elegant, design. “Everybody likes a crisp white, spa-like bathroom, but not every bathroom has to be a spa,” says interior designer Susan Ferrier of McAlpine House, whose has incorporated black bathroom design into her past projects. “Black bathrooms are so dramatic, which means you’re emotionally moved. You don’t have that drama in an all-white bathroom.”

    First, decide what type of material will create the backdrop for the space.The walls are the first thing to think about, because it’s what gives you a great backdrop for other colors to pop off of.When you’re using a really dark color, it’s really important to introduce  Glass Stone Tiles to create shadows within that dark color.

Part of what makes a black bathroom so dramatic is the contrast of black surfaces with other hues, so incorporate a few highlights of colors (like bright white) that are strikingly noticeable against the black. (Plus, an all-black bathroom can evoke a sense of claustrophobia.)A black bathroom is all about mastering reflection and light in a dark space,.Keep the fixtures, sinks, tubs and commodes white for contrast. The walls are absorbing light, so you need to use white for almost a reverse mascara effect.”

Most well-designed black bathrooms have one thing in common: Shiny surfaces and fittings. Whether with metal or glass, it’s another way to add reflectivity to the otherwise light-absorbing space.