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Kitchens are used for not only cooking and storing food, but also so many family activities happens in the kitchen. So do you know the importance of the design of the kitchen decoration? Kitchen design should adapt to suit your household, reflecting both function and style. Today I’m going to tell you how to make you kitchen become a modern style kitchen.

1.How to make good use of the small space of you kitchen to enlarge the kitchen space?

First, you should choose the whole cabinet, if it is custom made will be better. And then, you have to choose the right top cabinet. Finally, the well-design of the corner is also necessary. When you finish choosing all these elements good, your kitchen had finished half. I must mention that, putting one or two small tables in your kitchen makes your kitchen lively and looks comfortable.

2.How to choose the cupboard’s color?

The cupboard is the main body of the kitchen ,choose the right color can make your kitchen looks attractive and special. Here is a little tip: the color of the cupboard should suit the color of the floor.

3.How to choose the kitchen back splash tiles if you want a modern style kitchen?

In the first place, it is especially recommended for choosing the light color and with different elements tile. Light color tiles can make you kitchen looks elegance and refinement. So you can choose the white glass tile, aqua and so on. When talking about the elements of the tiles, I strongly recommend the inner conch glass tiles or the inner shell glass tiles, the water wave finish design. All these unique elements are the good choice.

Ok, so how about enjoying my kitchen design? It is the beach style, combined with the classic and modern innovation.

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