TST Mosaic Tiles will continue talking about how to decorate your house by yourself.

It has a well-designed, decoration reasonable kitchen is one of many families desire. A cozy kitchen can make cooking become an enjoyable thing; convenient, user-friendly design, clean space, so that the family kitchen became a platform for exchange and leisure space. But now many families are also facing family kitchen layout is unreasonable, narrow space, items placed messy problems, many people want to be better able to improve these problems, but often they feel unable to start.

Select the type of layout according to Housing orientation and structure is important. To make the process more smooth operation of the kitchen, the kitchen can be divided into three main zones – cooking area, storage area and cleaning area. Reasonable arrangements for three regions, making it ergonomic work triangle, each item are close at hand.

Today we focus on talking about how to design the kitchen backsplash.

Wooden kitchenbacksplash

For some, wood and kitchen just don’t seem to mix. But a high-quality wood with right kind of sealer and color can make for a wonderful, fresh, warm and long-lasting kitchen backsplash.

You should choose some polish finish wooden tiles, because it can prolong the use lifecycle of the wooden tiles. In some way, coarse finish wooden tiles are more likely to use on wall.

TSTMC1285 Interlocking Panel Concise Design Wooden Tiles

TSTMC9024 Wooden Squared Mosaic Panel Rustic Crafts Tiles


Stainless steelkitchen backsplash

Professional chefs love stainless steel mosaic tile for kitchen backsplash because it’s never get rusty, heat resistant and easy to clean.

TSTSM13 Stainless Steel Mirrored Silver Mosaic Tile

TSTSM16 Stainless Steel Tiles Black Silver Strips Mosaics


Marble kitchen backsplash

Marble has an unrivalved, classic look that always seems to be in style and fashionable. For covers of white or gray kitchen in particular, marble offers more variety than most material. Marble is famous more for the patina it develops with use than for its durability.

TSTFLY13 Black Grey Interlocking Strips Mosaic Tiles


TSTMGT003 White Marble Glass Mosaic Tiles


Crystal glass kitchen backsplash

Crystal glass mosaic tile is durable and it can be customized. It is a choice for a “forever home”, simple but unique for home remodeling.

TSTTDB01 Crystal Glass Tiles Brown Beige Hand Painting

TSTNB04 1 x 2 Super White Brick Glass Mosaic Tiles


Kitchen is not only a place for cooking but also a place for spending happy time with your family. So everybody ought to try to decorate their kitchen as perfect as they can.

If you still have any problems when decorating your kitchen, please feel free to contact TST Mosaic Tiles, we will try our best to help you!!!

In the next time we will continue to talk about how to decorate your bathroom

by yourself.

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