Okay, today we are going to talk about how to decorate your bathroom by yourself.

The bathrooms are decorated to pay attention to using, considering the overall effect of health appliances and decoration. Depending on the size luxury bathrooms can be frugal, generally should pay attention to the overall layout, color matching, sanitary ware selection essentials, so to reach the bathroom easy to use, safe and comfortable effect.

Fresh style

Fresh style is white and blue tone based and known as the ocean style. The design line is clear and bright, clean and fresh. It is highly recommended for the white collar worker who with the feeling of romantic. Actually, blue and white is the light color, when look at blue, white, people may feel relax and satisfied. While a handful of patterns on the tile in the bathroom makes the bathroom become lively. This style is combined with fashion, romantic, and energetic. Just watching, you are already felt cool. No matter in summer or winter.

TST Glass Conch Beach Style Mother of Pearl Resin Aqua White Stone Kitchen Backsplash Countertop Bathroom Wall Art TSTMGT084

TST Green Lake Glass Tile Beach StyleMother of Pearl Inner Acrylic Design Interior Backsplash Wall Ideas TSTNB02

TST Glass Conch Tiles Beach Style Sea BlueGlass Mosaics Wall Art Kitchen Backsplash Bathroom Design TSTGT370

Simple and generous style

Bathroom with simple and elegant design is the most popular bathroom style in United Stated and in Europe. The classic color of simple and generous style is the combination of black and white. This kind of bathroom is suit for those who are busy doing their job and never have time to relax themselves.

TST Crystal Glass Tile Black Brown 3D ResinFlower Sculpture Splash-Ink Design Kitchen Decor

TST Crystal Glass Tile Black and White Splash-ink Frosted Glass Kitchen Design

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