Ceramic can not only be used for the wall decorated but also it can be used for the floor decorated. Ceramic tiles are different from the crystal glass tiles, glass tile may be slipping because of the glossy finish. To sum up, crystal glass tiles are specially recommended for the interior wall decoration. However, porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are becoming more and more popular in so many countries.

Ceramic Tiles






Ceramic mosaic are made of small flat, roughly square, pieces of ceramic of different colors, known as tesserae; but some, especially floor mosaic, may also be made of small rounded, hexagon pieces of ceramic. Nowadays, it is well used for kitchen, bathroom wall, shower wall and floor, countertops and so on.

One of the most famous porcelain tiles is the Chinese style blue andwhite porcelain tiles. The emergence of blue and white porcelain is of epoch-making significance in porcelain history. The blue and white porcelain is China ceramic representative which has a unique history. What’s more, it is from blue and white porcelain that the western people first knew chinaware.Why do so many people appreciate China blue and white porcelain and why so many people would like to use blue and white porcelain tiles for home wall decorated? It is a fusion of various cultures and styles of products, wide adaptability, finely ornamental.

Let me introduce two of the blue and white porcelain tiles to all of you.

  1. TST Blue&White FlowerPattern Porcelain Squared Tiles Dark Blue Fambe Glazed Mosaics.

This mosaic is made of porcelain with the unique blue and white design which is simple but elegant.The color of the mosaic is blue and white. As you know, blue and white porcelain is the treasure of China, so we added some special elements in the mosaic. It is not only the blue and white porcelain tiles, the most special thing is the plum flowery pattern and the blue amber chips. A strong sense of chinese style. You can use it for the home wall decorative, it must be traditional and fresh style.


  1. TST Blue&White Porcelain Mosaics Flower Pattern Squared Tiles for Back splash wall decor.

Do you like it? Yes, this is the porcelain tiles. Also the Chinese style.When I design this mosaic, all the flowers pattern came up with me.How can I design a product not only is the blue and white porcelain tiles but also with more special elements? Maybe added some traditional Chinese elements that stands for China is perfect. So, I choose peach blossom. Peach blossom is just like the sakura in Japan. In China, peach blossom can bring people lucky as well as love.All the people in China like peach blossom very much.

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