TST MOSAIC TILES was founded in 2010. We were exporting glass tiles, porcelain tiles, metal tiles, wooden tiles, and mother of pearl tiles from China to North America and Europe. And we have our vendors which are supplying glass tiles for Home Depot, Lowe's. After several years working with tiles, we finally decided to build up this site to serve our customers better. We are collecting more and more new designs and showing them online. Instead of shipping containers with certain items, now we directly ship all kinds of new designed tiles, customized tiles to householders, designers, builders. This is more flexible and customers have more options on their projects. We hope you love our tiles !

Our Products
We offer different kinds of mosaic tiles, including glass tiles, metal tiles, porcelain tiles, wooden tiles, mother of pearl tiles and mosaic murals. We are collecting more and more new designs. Some of the tiles are customized only for you!

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